Continue Your Tour and Explore UNKRA Timelines

View these timelines to see the various milestones in the history of UNKRA. Click on each event to read more. Use the arrows at the bottom the narrow the time frame and see more events with photographs and links to official records.

UNKRA’s Institutional History Timeline

UNKRA’s Main Projects Timeline





One thought on “Continue Your Tour and Explore UNKRA Timelines

  1. Hi there,
    Happy new year. My name is Seraphina Cha Mi-lyung, appointed researcher at the Myunggi Digital Archiving Center at the Myunggi University. A few months ago, I sent digial e-mail from on this UNKRA Online to ask how I can get a copy of phtos means what is the best way or alternatives to exhibit them in Korea, I am working and researching to collect UNKRA photos for a archiveis focus on Korean National Construcation Development Exhbition which is planed to open next year. I could not get a answer on my previous e-mail. my e-mail address is
    Please check your mailng box wheather you did reply or not, it it was, could you send it again to me as soon as possible?
    I am enjoying to look at this on-line gallery. It is fantastic.
    Seraphina Cha

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