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The United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) was created by the General Assembly in 1950. It started operating in 1953, after the armistice was signed between North Korea and South Korea (27 July 1953), ending the Korean War. This video explains the history, the scope, the different project areas of UNKRA. It also shows the difficult situation of the Korean people after the war.

 [ Download Video Transcript ]


2 thoughts on “Get Started: Watch the Video Overview

  1. When did ‘ Watch the Video Overview’ product ? I only can see the updated year. 2012. could you provide infomation ?
    Sinscerely Seraphina

    • Seraphina, I’ve sent you an email (to the address you provided in another comment). If you do not receive it, please email arms[at] with an alternate email address and phone number.

      UN Archives Reference

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