Area held by the Unified Command at the beginning of the Korean War.

On 25 June 1950, South Korea was attacked by North Korea. Shortly after, the Unified Command intervened to try to restore peace and to bring relief to the population.

To support the Government in its task of reconstruction, the General Assembly created the UN Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) by its resolution 401(v) on 1 December 1950.


UNKRA was finally able to start its programme 180 days after the cessation of hostilities which prevented the Agency to be fully operational because of security issues.


UNKRA's Organizational Chart

UNKRA’s Organizational Chart

Its efforts were focused on industry, mining, agriculture, education, housing and health in order to improve the economy and promote Korea’s long-term growth. During UNKRA’s operating period it implemented 260 major projects for a total expenditure of $127 million dollars, which equals $924 million in 2010.

The United Nations’ Archives and Records Management Section presents its virtual exhibition “The United Nations and South Korea : Partners in Reconstruction”. The video, the photo galleries and the timelines show the work done by UNKRA in collaboration with the Government of South Korea and its people during this period of reconstruction.