UNKRA’s Film Unit at work (S-0526-0348-0141)

All of the photographs shown in this exhibition are held by the United Nations’ Archives and Records Management Section (ARMS) except number: 187 769, 187 788, 187 967, 188 438, 188 439, 188 556.
These shots, held in the United Nations’ Department of Public Information can be viewed and downloaded here .

The photographs presented in this exhibition can be found at ARMS, in New York. The references mentioned in the captions help locating them in the UNKRA collection. This collection has the reference No. S-0526. The last three number of the reference indicates the number of the prints. For example, S-0526-148-2574 means the photograph is located in the UNKRA series, in the box No. 148 and carries the number 2574.

Several photographs were scanned from the unpublished historical narrative of Mr. Whittiker, UNKRA’s official historian. This book can be found with this reference: S-0526-0168-0002.

Music from the video

  • “Past Reflections Full Mix”, “Covered in Sadness Full Mix” and “Lowest Moment Full Mix”. Jewel Beat Corporation. License was purchased and is available upon request.
  • The sound effects were downloaded from Universal Soundbank.
  • The Long Walk” or “The Korea Story”, Radio broadcast produced by the United Nations’ Department of Public Information, 28 minutes, 1953, available for download .
  • The two UNKRA timelines were created with TimeRime.

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