UNKRA Archives

The UNKRA archives are held by ARMS in New York and they are accessible to the public.

The preparation of this exhibition involved reading and analyzing archives of the UNKRA collection held by ARMS, in order to show a comprehensive overview of the Agency’s work and outcomes. We used a unpublished historical narrative written by Mr. Whittiker, in April 1961, appointed as official historian. Unfortunately, we did not find more details about his involvement or career in the United Nations. His narrative was not published because of a lack of funds once the Agency ceased its activities.  Gene Lyons and Costas G. Alexandrides published dissertations which were considered to be comprehensive studies of UNKRA activities. Nevertheless, as an official historian Mr. Whittiker narrated UNKRA’s achievements and pitfalls trying to avoid judgments with a objective point a view, as far as possible. In this exhibition, we intend to offer a brief historical context to the visitor in order to facilitate his comprehension. A thorough study of UNKRA’s archives available in ARMS will bring more details.

Our staff selected archives, digitized them and presented them here. They show the work of the public information officers to expose UNKRA’s scope and activities, through booklets and radio broadcasts; as well as the Korean culture, through the broadcasting of Korean music like Arirang.

How to browse into the gallery: Click on one of the images below to display them full screen in a gallery. Use the arrows to browse into the collection, read the captions of each archives below and click on the X button at the top left part of the screen to close the gallery. If you want to display the document full size, click on the “View full size” link at the bottom right of the black screen.

Radio Programmes

In order to inform the public in general about UNKRA’s actions and achievements, the Department of Public Information collected sounds to illustrate stories then presented in radio programmes. The United Nations radio  broadcasted these programmes in 1953 and 1954.

Click on the links below to download these programme:

                             “The Korea Story” 1953

                “The Long Walk” 1954


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